Synonymous with “beauty biotechnologies” , Bioesthé reconfigured the universe of the beauty treatments. With a proposal that offers leading products and advanced equipment, the company continues to invest in research.

A modern research and development department is added to an exclusive training centre, to test products and ensure the right support to beauticians and to anyone who needs a qualified partner for the design and the managing direction of wellness centres.

Fruit of the promoters’ thirty-year-long experience in the field of beauty, Bioesthé represents the cutting edge of a sector in constant expansion. With an extensive products distribution in Italy and abroad, the company has established itself in the market thanks to an offer capable of meeting the beauticians’ needs, giving them innovation, reliability, quality and an exciting image.

Bioesthé speaks the universal language of beauty, drawing on a clear and easy vocabulary all over the world, that has already appreciated by the best salons.

Enhance the beauty by setting the positive aspects off and improving the imperfections: this is the mission of Bioesthé, which allows anyone to find the right mental and physical wellbeing.
The medical and beauty staff of Bioesthé has developed a new method, based on the listening and the careful observation of the human body, that helps identify the different types of “temperament” related to the morphologies. A new approach to the customer (Bioesthé method), specific manual skills and cosmetic lines studied, with no parabens, combining biotechnological active substances and plant active ingredients (organic), are the foundation of Bioesthé success.

An essential balance for everyone between technology and nature is the winning formula that is maximized in the application of the method and with the competence of a qualified beautician.