Antiage treatment

The reduction in the production of collagen and elastin together with the physiological fall asleep of the metabolism (aging) and other exogenous causes (photo-aging) are the causes of wrinkle formation.
Restructa products are considered true “Cosmeceuticals” because they use “Bioavailable” and active ingredients Biotechnological "(GROWTH FACTORS) that interact with the epidermal tissues at the cellular level (cellular cosmetics). Their effectiveness (dermo-rejuvenation) is tangible from the first treatments.
The treatment, indicated to nourish, hydrate, revitalize and dermorejuvenate dry skin, includes four treatments products: Tri VIT, EGF Serum, Elixir, Gold Mask (face - neck) and New Skin designed for "care" progressive face (5 treatments). The products are packaged in single-dose packaging to ensure hygiene in handling and management control (knowledge of the exact treatment cost).

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