D-Efinitive EVO innovative machinery - multifunction face and body - (rotational movement and static radiofrequency)

Treats body blemishes at 360 °



Machine that introduces a new way of treating body imperfections and uses system and method innovations for the beauty of the body silhouette. It delivers all the most important technologies: Vacuum - Rotational movement - Photobiostimulation Led Laser - Static radiofrequency - Cryo - Diode laser for slimming treatments - Radiofrequency to treat body imperfections at 360 °. The machine is equipped with two innovative systems: a) rotational movement which constitutes the alternative to the known pressure rollers used for endodermal massage b) static radiofrequency associated with the vacuum which allows to carry out an EndoTermal treatment. A new method to carry out slimming, draining, remodeling and anti-aging treatments whose effects are visible from the very first applications, absolutely painlessly and without physical effort. All this, thanks to the integration of the different technologies provided by the D.R.V.S (Digital Rotation Vacuum System) and EndoThermico handpieces.


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