Radio frequency 4.0 (wifi connection - frequency 470 khz - modular - temperature control)

Against cellulite, it improves skin tone, softness and radiance


Radio frequency designed and manufactured in Italy. It is a 4.0 technology device, equipped with a wifi connection system with the manufacturer in order to exchange information on the management of treatments, software updates and software diagnoses. Two versions are available: a) aesthetic (power 50 watts per square centimeter) b) medical (power 300 watts per square centimeter) and is provided with the corresponding certifications in accordance with European standards.
It is equipped with a temperature control system directly on the handpiece in order to avoid burns to the customer in case of operator's inattention.

It produces a pleasant and deep heat that breaks down the collagen fibrils, stimulating the genesis of new collagen in order to improve the tone, softness and brightness of the skin.

It delivers electromagnetic waves with a frequency of 470 khz which ensures a deep action in the epidermal tissues obtaining excellent results, also, in the treatment of cellulite (PEFS) and tissue firming.

It is equipped with a module technology system and can be combined, after the sale, with other modules (electroporation in the aesthetic field) and cavitation or carboxytherapy in the medical field, halving the purchase costs.


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