Lipo Laser - aesthetic treatment against localized fat, No need for an operator, Results: loss of 450 kilocalories per session!



Localized treatment

The treatment with the lipolaser is very effective in case of localized adiposity. It works by using the energy of low intensity laser emissions that create a photobiostimulation process by simulating the body's natural energy demand. In this way, thanks to the application of localized electrodes, it is possible to select the fat deposit to use (empty), obtaining excellent remodeling.

It accelerates the local metabolism

The stimulating action of photon energy creates a biochemical process that promotes the emptying of fat cells through pores that are formed, transiently, on the cell membrane. This action does not damage fat cells, but acts exclusively on increasing metabolism. Unlike a slimming treatment that carries out techniques for emptying the fat cell, the biochemical process produced by photobiostimulation has a lasting effect over time, creating a progressive and constant emptying of the adipocyte


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